Custom Weighing

Using data from our product and packaging database we will apply any packaging weights available to your compliance data

Businesses that are obligated to comply with the Packaging Waste Regulations need to ensure that their annual packaging data submissions are as “accurate as reasonably possible.” Inaccurate data can lead to businesses being over or under obligated, which has cost implications.

We understand that gathering product and packaging data can be a demanding and time consuming process, so developed a Data Management service to help businesses obtain weights information.

Data Management

Using data from our product and packaging database, which contains over 33 million SKUs of packaging metrics, we will apply any packaging weights available to your data.

  • If data is still missing we can do physical on site weighing days, or targeted in-house collection through a buying project
  • If data isn’t available we can explore other collection methods with you, for example, giving you access to our Polymer Reader and verifying the Polymer data
  • Team of more than 40 highly skilled specialists
  • We’ll save you time and, more often than not, money too
  • Account managed from start to finish
  • Our market-leading tech is accurate and easy to use
  • Full transparency and accessibility
  • We can engage with your suppliers for you
  • We operate the highest level of data security
  • Flexibility – pay only for what you need


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