Consumer Information Obligations

We help our "seller" packaging scheme members to meet the
Consumer Information Obligations (CIOs) via our recycle-more website is a Valpak waste awareness initiative, dedicated to providing recycling information to consumers. It's purpose is to create sustainable communities for future generations, with a mission to inspire individuals to reduce, reuse and recycle through knowledge and engagement.

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What are CIOs?

The UK Packaging Waste Regulations place a responsibility on organisations that carry out a selling activity (i.e. supply packaging to an end user) to provide end users with the following information:

  • Where packaging can be recycled
  • The end user's role in recycling
  • The meaning of labels on packaging
  • Relevant chapters on packaging in the National Waste Strategies

recycle-more website is a waste awareness initiative dedicated to providing recycling information to consumers. It’s a popular website receiving over 1 million page views each year.

Consumers can find their nearest recycling points for packaging, WEEE and batteries in the UK, via the bank locator – the most comprehensive recycling search engine in the UK.

Helping you to meet CIOs

Promotion of the recycle-more website is an easy and efficient way to meet the CIOs. All Valpak members are welcome to use recycle-more, free of charge, in the following ways:

  • Link to and show the recycle-more logo on your website
  • Use the recycle-more branding on point of sale information e.g. till receipts, carrier bags
  • Use the recycle-more branding on printed material e.g. sales documents, catalogues, adverts



Contact us

If you would like more information on recycle-more, or the Consumer Information Obligations, please call us on

03450 682 572


To request a copy of the recycle-more logo, please visit recycle-more and complete our online form.