Modern Slavery Act Compliance

Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act, which came into force in 2015, aims to create transparency within supply chains and encourages organisations to take steps to ensure that modern slavery is not occurring within their own business or within their supply chains.

Who is affected?

Your business is affected by the Modern Slavery Act if ALL of the following points apply:

  • Annual turnover exceeds £36 million, AND

  • The business is a corporate body or partnership, AND

  • The business has a presence in the UK, AND

  • The business supplies goods or services

Are you obligated under
the Modern Slavery

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Use our quick assessment tool to find out whether or not your business is obligated under the Modern Slavery Act or call one of our consultants on 01789 208 725.

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What you need to do

Affected organisations should produce a slavery and human trafficking statement, which must:

  • be produced as soon as reasonably practical after the organisation's financial year end
  • detail steps taken during the financial year within the business and the supply chain, or state that no action has been taken
  • be approved and signed by the Board, a Director or a designated member
  • be published in a prominent position on the organisation's website

How Valpak can help

We are able to help your business to meet requirements under the Modern Slavery Act by:

  • producing modern slavery statements on your behalf
  • identifying necessary improvements to business and supply chain performance through:
    • data collection
    • monitoring suppliers' compliance with the business's ethical policies
    • analysing and risk rating available data
  • developing corrective action plans

This service will be delivered through the Data Management Portal Service; our online data collection and reporting portal.

To find out more about our Modern Slavery Act compliance service, call us today on 03450 682 572 or complete our enquiry form.