RPC Partnership

Working together to invest in recycling innovation and infrastructure

RPC bpi recycled products is the UK’s largest producer of refuse sacks, and the leading polythene recycler in Europe.


Investment in infrastructure

Since its inception, RPC bpi recycled products has invested heavily in state of the art equipment. This investment has allowed the business to accept contaminated material from a wider range of sources. PRN funding helps them to offset a percentage of the cost of investing in items such as new wash plants, shredders, extruders, filtration systems and recycling equipment.


Investment in innovation

RPC BPI Recycled products explored the potential for recycling household and construction film – grades, which were previously exported.

With innovation, they wanted to improve the quality of recyclate, allowing them to replace prime material in other areas of the business. They have now developed a new recycled compound, Sustane, which their film incorporates.

The PRN system is improving the business’s ability to recycle post-consumer packaging. It helps to fund innovation projects, which in turn will help the business to achieve their aim of recycling greater volumes of packaging waste.

The current focus on plastic contamination and marine litter demonstrates that we need to keep plastics out of the waste stream. However, there is also a need for more products to be designed incorporating recycled content.

Siân Miles, General Manager