JD Sports Fashion Plc

Conducting an independent assessment of JD Sports Fashion Plc’s cotton consumption

Established in 1981, JD Sports Fashion is a leading global omnichannel retailer of sports fashion and outdoor brands. As part of its overall commitment to environmental, and social, governance, JD Sports strives to make the world around us a better place and became a member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable practices.

In 2023, JD Sports Fashion Plc was looking for a third party to assist them in completing an independent cotton consumption assessment – a new requirement that was implemented by the BCI in January 2024 for their retailer and brand members.

Textil factory

JD Sports Fashion Plc approached Valpak’s Zero Waste to Landfill team to find out if they would be able to assist them in completing the new independent assessment and obtaining third-party verification.

Over the months, this one-off request grew into a new Better Cotton Initiative Audit service and resulted in Valpak’s Zero Waste to Landfill team completing the first Valpak Measuring Cotton Consumption: Independent Assessment in January 2024.

Valpak supported JD Sports by conducting an online assessment that consisted of a review of their cotton calculation submission, electronic records, and documented protocols to ensure adherence to Better Cotton’s standards.

JD Sports Fashion Plc was quick to provide the information and to answer any questions the auditing team had.


Cotton bud with the sunset

JD Sports Fashion Plc passed the assessment with flying colours; however, Valpak was able to identify areas that JD could work on to further improve the accuracy and consistency of their data and reporting going forward.

Valpak’s service further builds on its dedication to fostering transparency and reliability while advancing sustainability practices.

As a member of the Better Cotton Initiative, we are now required to commission an independent assessment of our cotton fibre consumption measurement. We trust Valpak’s auditing expertise and impartiality, having collaborated with them on other projects; therefore, sought their assistance. We were delighted with the support we received from Valpak. They have become a trusted sustainability partner.

JD Sports Fashion Plc