Data Management Portal Services 

Drive transparent, responsible, accountable, credible and ethical business practices in your supply chain.

Valpak’s web-based Data Management Portals will increase transparency of your business's upstream and downstream operations, helping to build a clearer picture of performance and liabilities, and providing you with information which will help you to make informed operational and contractual decisions.

How can Valpak’s portals help?

Our flexible portals allow businesses to collect and aggregate detailed supplier data to demonstrate:

  • responsible sourcing - Bespoke supplier questionnaires can be developed to survey supplier credentials for a wide range of purposes. For example, ensuring suppliers are compliant with the Modern Slavery Act
  • recycling performance - Collate and analyse waste contractor data and documentation to: ensure Duty of Care compliance, improve recycling performance and track waste costs
  • REACH compliance - Use the REACH Compliance Manager portal to collect supply chain data on the chemicals that can be found within your business's products
  • packaging weights - Gather in-depth packaging information and build a detailed picture of recycled content, recyclability, plastic polymer types and much more

Why use a Data Management portal?

Data Collection

  • It is simple and easy to upload your suppliers' data. Alternatively, Valpak can co-ordinate the collection of data directly from your suppliers
  • The ability to track response progress at a glance means you can quickly find out how many and which suppliers have provided data

Analysis and Reporting

  • All portals have easy-to-understand dashboards, which provide key statistics at a glance
  • Monitor trends and understand business performance. Valpak will help you to interpret the data, identify areas of improvement and work with you to implement processes to address any gaps or issues


  • Minimise your exposure to risk and gain peace of mind
  • Drive continuous improvement by identifying trends
  • Save time by outsourcing the collation of supplier information
  • Engage your supply chain and increase collaborative working to ensure policies and targets are met

To find out more about Valpak’s unique Data Management portals please call us today on 03450 682 572 or complete our enquiry form.