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Modern Slavery Act: Increase transparency within your supply chain

Elizabeth Minshall
Apr 07, 2016

The Modern Slavery Act, which came into force November last year, will affect a number of UK based organisations. Therefore, it is important that all businesses find out if they fall within scope of this new piece of legislation, as non-compliance could pose the risk of fines and ultimately damage brand reputation.

Purpose and aims

Modern Slavery is defined by the regulations as forced or compulsory labour, slavery and human trafficking and the main purpose of the act is to prevent modern slavery occurring within organisations and their supply chains.

The act aims to create transparency within supply chains, make large organisations accountable and increase competition to drive up standards.

What’s required of obligated organisations?

Organisations that are affected by the Act will be required to produce a detailed, annual Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement, or a nil statement, which should outline all steps taken within the business and the supply chain. This should then be published on the company website to ensure that the information is publicly available.

Valpak can help

Valpak has developed a software tool called TRACE (Transparent, Responsible, Accountable, Credible and Ethical), which can manage customer reporting requirements for The Modern Slavery Act, as well as for other pieces of legislation and accreditations.

This online portal will increase transparency of both upstream and downstream business operations, and will build a clearer picture of your business’s performance and liabilities; therefore, helping you to make informed operational and contracting decisions.

Free events

If you would like to find out more about our TRACE portals or the Modern Slavery Act, we are hosting two free webinars to cover both The Modern Slavery Act and Transparency in Supply Chains. Visit our Corporate Social Responsibility Events web page for further information.


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