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Embracing complexity in your supply chain

Sandy Dhesi
Feb 25, 2020
With online sales booming, alongside an ever-increasing population of consumers, business supply chains are becoming more complex. Sandy Dhesi explains how businesses can embrace complexities associated with large supply chains and how value can be gained from the vast amounts of data available.

Resource and Waste Policy Update: What is in the pipeline?

George Atkinson
Feb 19, 2020
George Atkinson, Policy Advisor, provides a policy update - What's in the pipeline for the resources and waste sector.

Data driven decision making and learning

Duncan Simpson
Feb 18, 2020
Duncan Simpson discusses how data projects can be improved and how data could be used more cleverly in the future. He also talks about the evolution of Valpak's data collection processes, which has led to the development of the Insight Platform - a tool which can benefit businesses by helping them to assess their environmental impacts.

Distributor Take back Scheme coming to an end: Is your business prepared for in store take back?

Matt Luntley
Feb 12, 2020
With the DTS coming to an end, are your retail sites prepared for offering in store take back of waste electrical and electronic items? Matt Luntley outlines the risks and how Valpak can help.

Sustainable Development Goals: The clock is ticking…

Chloe Nunn
Feb 04, 2020
The deadline for businesses to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals is 10 years away. Although 10 years might sound like a significant amount of time, it will soon be here. Is your business prepared? Have you started to consider the steps your company will need to take? Chloe Nunn's Blog discusses the SDGs and how companies can get more involved.


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