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10 steps to getting your packaging data submitted on time

Josela Renardson
Jan 05, 2017

Now that Christmas and New Year has been and gone, it’s time to start thinking about your 2017 packaging data submission.

To ease you gently back into work mode, I thought that I would provide you with a checklist that our Data Management Team uses for the data submissions of over 200 customers. I hope that you find the following to be of use:

    1. Understand how your company handles packaging. Make this visual; draw something like a packaging flow or obligation map
    2. Send a reminder to data owners of the data that you require
    3. Receive data:
      • Sales
      • Purchases
      • Suppliers
      • Customers
      • Product Information
    4. Sense check sales and purchases to match your company’s trends
    5. Collect packaging weights data for priority items and make sure you sense check this data for outliers
    6. Populate the form and ensure you have captured all your packaging activities according to your obligation map
    7. Submit your data to Valpak via the Members’ Area
    8. Look into your inconsistencies
    9. Talk to our Contact Centre who will go through your submission
    10. Ask a director to sign off the verification form that we send to you

Help is always available

If you’re not quite sure exactly what information you need to source, I highly recommend that you attend one of our packaging events to find out more. Alternatively, speak to our Data Management Team for help on how to get started.

We will be posting more data submission tips over the next few months, so follow @valpak_ltd on Twitter or Valpak Limited on LinkedIn for updates.


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