Plastic Packaging Recycling
Communication Programmes

We have provided funding to Recoup's Pledge 2 Recycle Plastics programme since it launched in 2014.

Originally named Pledge 4 Plastics, the Pledge 2 Recycle government backed campaign was set up to significantly increase the collection of plastic packaging for recycling.


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We believe that consumers and householders have an important role to play to improve recycling rates. By providing funding to the Pledge 2 Recycle Plastics campaign, we feel that we are helping to inform householders how to do the right thing and making recycling easy for them.

In turn, we hope to see a positive impact on plastic recycling rates and an increase of quality plastic feedstock going to reprocessors; therefore, increasing the supply of recycled materials available to meet ever growing demand for recycled content in packaging and products.

Campaign aims

Through education and conversation, the initiative aims to reduce a householder’s confusion of how to recycle plastics correctly via their household bin collection.

Consistent and simple messages are conveyed via direct household communication campaigns.

Pledge 2 Recycle work closely with Local Authority Community Champions, supporting local campaigns and events. Visit to find out more.

Plastic Bottles

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Valpak funding

By providing funding to Pledge2Recycle Plastics we are helping to provide opportunities for match funded projects, which work to reduce consumer confusion of plastics recycling.

The Pledge 2 Recycle Plastics team also work closely with many well-known household brands manufacturers, local councils and other partners to support recycling.

In addition, we are sponsoring RECOUP's #SortItOut education campaign, which aims to provide secondary school students with a wider awareness of plastics recycling processes and why people are asked to empty, squash and put the lid back on plastic bottles before recycling.

This UK-wide campaign is delivered via school assembly's and workshops. Read our Educating Plastic Recycling Warriors press release for more information.

Recycling at events

The team are experienced in overseeing recycling at events, including music festivals, large events (including several marathons and national Air Shows).

At these events the focus is to provide recycling information and education through direct roadshow interaction. This service is provided alongside the process of collecting, sorting and recycling of plastic packaging.

Read more about the work Pledge 2 Recycle carried out at the Welsh Air Show at Swansea – where post-consumer Expanded Polystyrene and PET bottles were collected and recycled.

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