Aluminium Packaging Recycling
Communication Programmes

We have helped to fund metal recycling communications campaigns for a number of years

Alongside industry organisations, reprocessors, metal pack fillers and metal manufacturers, we are working to fulfil the industry’s obligation to meet, and exceed, recycling targets for aluminium packaging.

Aluminium packaging in kerbside box 

We believe that consumers and householders have an important role to play to improve recycling rates. By providing funding to UK consumer recycling awareness campaigns, we feel that we are helping to inform people how to do the right thing and making recycling easy for them.

In turn, we hope to see a positive impact on recycling rates; therefore, an increase in supply of recycled materials available to reprocessors to meet ever growing demand for recycled content in packaging and products.

Metal Matters

The Metal Matters communication campaign has been designed to help increase metal packaging capture rates through local authority kerbside collections.

The campaign is based around a two-phase leaflet drop to each household within the targeted campaign area. The first leaflet distributed explains clearly what metal packaging items the resident can recycle in their kerbside collection boxes. Six weeks later, the second leaflet is distributed to all households, which reinforces the messages from the first leaflet as well as showing residents what happens to their metal packaging items as they are recycled. There is also additional communication activity, which can be vehicle livery, bus and newspaper advertising as well as social media activity.

The campaign is funded 50% by Metal Matters and 50% from the local authority/waste management company.

Metal captured data from the local authority kerbside collection is provided to analyse the impact of the campaign. Please visit to find out more, or read Metal Matters' latest case study on Orkney Islands Council, a campaign which was shortlisted for a 2019 National Recycling Award. 

Valpak recently supported a launch event in Bridlington,Yorkshire, which formed part of a roadshow to educate consumers of the recyclability of metal.

Click on the link to download a copy of Metal Matters Overview report.

Metal Matters Campaign 

Every Can Counts Logo 

Every Can Counts

The Every Can Counts campaign aims to recycle all drinks cans that are consumed ‘on the go’ (i.e. away from home). Branded materials, advice and support is provided to help organisations that want to start recycling their drinks cans. Every Can Counts also work with various waste management companies and community groups that will provide the can collections from their customers. In addition, they run awareness campaigns at major events, including festivals, The Boat Race and The Tour de Yorkshire to encourage consumers to think about recycling whilst they have a can in their hand.

All the material provided is free of charge.

Please visit for more information.


Foil Programme

In 2016, WRAP carried out some research into aluminium foil waste and discovered that a quarter of residents surveyed put aluminium foil in their general waste bin. Alupro decided to set up a Foil Programme with the aim of greatly improving the aluminium foil capture rate and to end the confusion this packaging material can cause.

The Foil Programme is designed to encourage householders to recycle aluminium foil packaging, such as foil trays, dairy lidding and confectionery foil, through their kerbside collection service. Free communication and template materials are provided, including advertising materials, social media templates and vehicle signage to convey the message that this material can be easily recycled. The programme is free to local authorities.

Please visit for more information.

Alupro Foil Campaign