Data Management Consultancy Services for Packaging, WEEE and Batteries

Producer Responsibility Regulations place a legal requirement on businesses to make sure that the data they submit is 'as accurate as reasonably possible'. Collecting, formatting and submitting compliance data can be complex and time consuming. Our tailored data management services can help to ease the burden of submission processes, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Our services

We have assisted more than 200 organisations with their packaging, WEEE and batteries data calculations including Tesco, B&Q, JD Wetherspoons and Omega Pharma.

Regardless of the size, location or complexity of your organisation we will make the data submission process as simple as possible for you. We understand that different businesses need different levels of support so whether you want to fully outsource your data submission, or just need help collecting weights information, we can help.

The services we offer include:

  • reviewing your existing data collection methods
  • data collection and analysis, including material and product weights
  • calculation of your submission
  • managing multi-site submissions
  • training days
  • fully outsourced data submission
  • tailored environmental reporting e.g packaging minimisation, best in class

Why choose us?

Our custom built software and extensive database holds over 10 million SKUs with unique packaging metrics. This enables us to operate with significant efficiency and data quality assurance and as a result we are able to pass substantial reductions in cost to our clients.

Key benefits you will experience as part of our service include:

  • significant time and cost savings
  • peace of mind that your data is as 'accurate as reasonably possible' in line with the requirements of the regulations
  • dedicated account manager giving you a single point of contact
  • access to technical experts
  • full and clear audit trail of how your data submissions have been put together
  • member of Valpak staff present at environment agency audits
  • safe and confidential data storage

To find out more about our Data Management Services contact us today on 03450 682 572 or complete our enquiry form.