Re-Tek Partnership

We partnered with Re-Tek to enable the collection and reuse of small waste electrical items
being dropped off at Falkirk Council’s household waste recycling centres

Re-Tek is a market leader and specialist in the processing and treatment of old electrical and electronic equipment.

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Investment in infrastructure

We have been working to clear old electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) from Falkirk Council household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) for several years now.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations require EEE producers and retailers to meet the bulk of WEEE collection and disposal costs. On behalf of our customers, we pay for the collection and treatment of goods arising in the Falkirk area. We also arrange for the clearance of old items from Falkirk HWRCs and their kerbside recycling system.

Re-Tek partnership

Re-Tek joined the Valpak / Falkirk Council partnership in March 2016. With Re-Tek onboard the collection, refurbishment and reuse of smaller WEEE items is now possible.

Re-Tek has installed additional containers, specifically for collecting items for reuse, at two of the Council’s HWRCs. At Re-Tek’s facilities the items are wiped of all data, capability checked and tested to ensure they are safe and suitable for re-use.

Strathcarron Hospice Donation 


Since the project began, 7,183 items have been collected from the two sites. This amounts to 49 tonnes of old tablets, laptops, printers, computers and other valuable items, which would otherwise have been sent straight for recycling.

A carbon saving of 162 tonnes CO2e is significant and demonstrates that reusing items not only provides a new owner with a perfectly good piece of equipment to enjoy, but also extends the life of the item and benefits the planet.

At least 1,275 of the items segregated have been suitable for re-use – which equates to around 18% of units collected.

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Community benefits

This project has also benefi tted the Falkirk community, as a donation of money and refurbished tablets have gone to Strathcarron Hospice to support the fantastic work done there.

[We are] delighted to partner with Valpak and Falkirk Council to support this strategically important project to extend the lifecycle of ICT products, which refl ects the government’s Circular Economy drive via the provision of reuse facilities in recycling centres.

William McPherson, Re-Tek Projects Director

"We have been using Valpak for a number of years, initially for waste packaging data submissions and more recently to ensure our business is compliant with WEEE Regulations. The business support they offer is excellent, ensuring that they have a full understanding of our business requirements through dedicated account managers."

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