Frank Mercer & Sons Partnership

Working together to continually look for new and innovative ideas of how to use
large volumes of post-consumer plastic as feedstock and other innovative uses

Frank Mercer & Sons are market leaders in converting plastic packaging waste into award winning plastic film products (Toughsheet Building Products), primarily for the building industry.

Toughsheet vans 

PRN Investment

The PRN system has enabled Frank Mercer & Sons to invest in research and development, plant and machinery and training that otherwise would have taken many more years. Due to the 24/7 operation, machinery has to be replaced and improved on a regular and frequent basis.

We are currently working with Frank Mercer & Sons to trial a plastic product agreement for use under roads and together we are also working with several large supermarket chains to create better sorting facilities; therefore, helping them to make better use of their waste products.

Packaging waste into products

Frank Mercer & Sons is committed to improving and expanding their Toughsheet Building Products range and continually look to incorporate more packaging waste into the process.

The company now make damp proof membrane out of recycled plastic, ensuring it is completely taken out of the waste stream for at least 100 years. After that time the product can be recycled.

Frank Mercer & Sons now reprocess in excess of 30,000 tonnes of post-consumer plastics each year. This ensures that the materials don’t go to landfill and that this valuable secondary resource is not going to waste.

Toughsheet Damp Proof Membrane 



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