Tata Steel Partnership

Working together to invest in recycling infrastructure and education

Tata Steel is the largest steel reprocessor in the UK and a Valpak founder member.
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Tata Steel Plant 

Investment in infrastructure

With the help of PRN funds, the company has been instrumental in establishing the infrastructure for steel packaging recycling.

Investment in education

Through education programmes, Tata Steel aims to raise the profile of steel and its environmental credentials, as well as increase participation in kerbside recycling schemes.

Tata’s workshops take place in primary and secondary schools, as well as in wider settings such as at WI groups, Scout, Girl Guide and Brownie meetings. Tailored to different age groups, the programme explains the importance of packaging as a product, and the lifecycle of steel once it has been placed in the recycling bin.

The aim is to engage with more people and to increase participation in recycling schemes. For Tata Steel, schools are an effective route to influence behaviour.

Tata Steel Education 

Today, the infrastructure is in place – more than 98 per cent of local authorities provide over 90 per cent coveragethrough kerbside collection – so the challenge going forward is to maintain and increase participation.

Nicola Jones, Packaging Recycling Education Manager, Tata Steel

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