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Waste standard to improve resource efficiency

Hugh McCoach
Aug 14, 2013

With the Carbon Trust set to launch the first international standard for waste management later this year, there has never been a greater incentive for organisations to prevent and manage their waste more sustainably. Not only will organisations be encouraged to make waste, carbon and cost savings, they will now be able to benefit from meeting the standard and promoting their environmental credentials to gain business.

The new waste standard will require organisations to measure, manage and reduce their waste arisings with an emphasis on continual improvement. It will also encourage them to review their supply chains to improve their procurement processes and minimise wastes generated downstream as a consequence of their activities.

Within the current economic climate it seems as if reducing waste which saves money, coupled with being able to promote environmental credentials as a way of generating business is a no-brainer. However in my experience it seems as if many organisations are still unaware of the benefits of better waste management.

Therefore the first question I would like to pose is what can be done to encourage more organisations to audit their waste and manage it more sustainably?

Secondly, with the standard applying to both public and private sector organisations, which sector do you think should lead the way and why?

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