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Food Manufacturers - How To Generate An Income From The Surplus

Duncan Simpson
Oct 20, 2016
Duncan Simpson, Director of Sales & Marketing, outlines the issues posed by surplus food waste and talks about a platform which has been designed to help food manufacturers channel stock heading for landfill back into appropriate food manufacturing processes.

Anyone got a compass? Is the UK waste and resource sector lost in the post EU referendum muddle?

Matt Luntley
Sep 07, 2016
Matt Luntley, Account Manager, outlines some of the recent and potential impacts to the waste and recycling industry off the back of the UK's decision to leave the European Union.

Changes to chemicals legislation in the pipeline - REACH and CLP

Ashleigh Williams
Jul 27, 2016
Ashleigh Williams, Environmental Consultant, outlines some changes that are being made to chemicals legislation.

Lost in translation - What does the Green Dot symbol really represent?

Matt Baller
Jun 21, 2016
Matt Baller, Commercial Account Manager, explains what the Green Dot symbol represents and where it came from.

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