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Cutting through the complexities of waste management

by Valpak Limited | Dec 18, 2015
Valpak partner with Cloud Sustainability to aid businesses manage fluctuating waste disposal costs and complex waste legislation that is making effective waste management challenging and burdensome for waste producers.

17 December 2015

Fluctuating waste disposal costs and complex waste legislation is making effective waste management challenging and burdensome for waste producers previously reported that the illegal dumping of waste is on the rise, with Defra calculating that waste crime costs the UK more than £500 million each year. (source: So far this year, fines totalling in excess of £450k have been levied by enforcement authorities across the UK to try to combat this, with additional powers and budgets assigned to catching more perpetrators

For waste producers, ensuring you don’t fall foul of the law is increasingly concerning. Valpak, the UK’s largest packaging compliance scheme, aims to empower its member organisations to take control on their waste; by ensuring compliance documents related to waste collections are readily auditable, using a new, cloud-based software service. This system allows waste producers to be sure that their waste is being treated and managed correctly and according to the required standards and laws.

Valpak CEO, Steve Gough, reports that ‘compliance with waste legislation is a source of concern to UK businesses seeking to protect and enhance their corporate social responsibility. Damage to a company’s brand or even just the impact of an unplanned change of supplier can be costly. The easy to use tools provided by Valpak Waste Manager will be invaluable for any organisation seeking a practical and meaningful waste management system.”

Valpak Waste Manager, developed in partnership with Cloud Sustainability also allows users to analyse waste data to identify areas for performance improvement.

Steve Lee, CIWM CEO comments ‘The rising occurrences of waste crime and renewed enforcement focus,  represents a strong driver to businesses to not only ensure they properly track and manage their waste, but to identify opportunities to increase waste prevention performance. Effective data management is key to organisations successfully achieving this.’

Valpak adds ‘This clever software puts businesses back in the driving seat, enabling our member organisations to understand exactly how much waste is being produced on their sites and to find solutions to improve their application of the waste hierarchy’.

Valpak’s new service announcement follows an associated article, that the waste sector has considerable scope to cut CO2, with waste management practices providing a significant potential contribution to reducing GHG emissions if more emphasis is placed on driving waste up the hierarchy and away from incineration and landfill. (source: