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Valpak comply for all packaging waste obligations for 2010

by Ellie Williams | Jan 26, 2011
Valpak are delighted to announce that we have successfully met our customers' 2010 packaging waste obligations.

Steve Gough, Valpak's CEO, commented:
"We are pleased to announce early that we have complied with the Packaging Waste Regulations and that we have met our customers' obligations for 2010."

He added:
"It has been an interesting year for Valpak. We have continued to provide support to our packaging customers whilst expanding our services for batteries and WEEE, wider resource management and monitoring, recycling and data support. We believe that this announcement is important when a number of issues are currently facing the industry, as it gives our customers and the Government reassurance. Glass prices have risen in the last month, which we believe to be related to investigations reported by the Environment Agency and a slowdown in glass collections due to the bad weather in December. Our experience and our close relationships with reprocessors enabled Valpak to react quickly to minimise the impact on our membership. The Packaging Waste Recovery Note system responded to this reduction in supply by causing prices to rise late in the year. This means that the system is doing its job as it was designed to subsidise the market when growth is required."

Furthermore, the recession in 2009 led to a reduction in packaging reported by obligated companies. However, Valpak's obligation share grew marginally despite this decline.

Steve Gough commented:
"Valpak's membership consists of a number of retailers and brand names who continued to increase their sales in 2009. We also managed to recruit some new customers during 2010. This is particularly satisfying as the market is very competitive and prices were falling. We needed to deliver competitive pricing at levels to sustain recycling across all materials. This was especially the case for glass and plastic."

He added:
"Our eyes are now firmly on 2011 and 2012. We are watching market developments closely and we are fully participating in the Government review, which enables us to provide insight as to how changes may support packaging minimisation, recycling and recovery in the UK. It is our aim to ensure that any changes that take place will benefit those who are truly recovering and recycling packaging waste. And that any changes will support the continued growth and performance of packaging recycling in the UK.

We will continue to support all parts of the recycling infrastructure and to keep our customers aware of any new opportunities and challenges which may face the sector over the next few months. We are already working closely with our customers to help them to achieve their zero waste goals and we are measuring their packaging weights reductions."

If you are interested in finding out more about Valpak's Packaging Waste Compliance Scheme, or you think that you may be obligated under the Packaging Waste Regulations please contact us on 08450 682 572 or email