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New Arrangements For WEEE And Battery Recycling In North East

by Valpak Limited | Dec 15, 2010
The UK's leading compliance scheme, Valpak Limited, recently won a tender to provide waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and batteries recycling solutions in the North East of England.

New arrangements for WEEE and battery recycling seek to enhance value in the North East

Valpak is providing a free of charge service for the collection and reprocessing of WEEE and batteries for the Teesside and the Tyne and Wear regions. Valpak has been working with Teesside since 2007, when the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations came into force, and has funded a Waste Awareness Officer in the area for the last three years.

Steve Gough, Valpak's CEO commented:

"Winning the NEPO (North Eastern Purchasing Organisation) tender has allowed Valpak to introduce an excellent level of service and value, associated with our Teesside service, across the whole of the North East. By procuring the service at this regional level, it has allowed Valpak to use the economies of scale and choice to secure more value for the authorities in the area, increase the levels of awareness of WEEE and battery recycling, negotiate better deals for the materials collected and ensure that more of the materials are recovered and reprocessed in the UK. This is good news for both the councils in the area who have secured the contract and for the council tax payers in the area."

He added:

"We would like the North East to become one of the top UK recycling areas for WEEE & Batteries. We will be working hard with householders, reprocessors, council staff and others to try to ensure that we recoup as much waste material as possible and divert it from landfill."

The scheme is working with local organisations, such as EMR, who process materials at Sunderland and Hartlepool. EMR will utilise world leading technology to allow plastic to be recycled completely in the UK.

This work will not only focus on the recycling and the recovery of materials, but will also encourage higher rates of re-use by working with local re-use businesses who refurbish white goods. These goods will be introduced back into the local community where needed.

The contract will allow Valpak to work with local businesses and will help to create jobs, treat more material through re-use and recycling in the UK and will help to drive higher recycling rates and better recycling services for WEEE and batteries in the area.

Steve Gough commented:

"We recognise that the authorities in the North East have come together to deliver a contract which provides value and support to the local community, which is what Valpak will deliver. Our team is focussed on delivering the contract promises and we are confident that we will encourage more recycling, help to create more jobs and a better environment for those residing in the North East."

Since Valpak started work with NEPO in 2007 Valpak has collected and had recycled over 3,500 tonnes per annum of electrical waste and batteries from the region. Going forward that will increase to approximately 8,000 tonnes per annum with the inclusion of Tyne & Wear.