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Energizer joins Valpak's Batteries Compliance Scheme

by Valpak Limited | Oct 13, 2009
Valpak is pleased to announce that one of the UK's largest battery producers, Energizer, has joined its batteries compliance scheme. Valpak has already confirmed that its scheme membership is growing rapidly and the addition of Energizer is likely to mean it becomes one of the UK's largest battery schemes.

Valpak's Chief Executive, Steve Gough comments:

"We are delighted to welcome Energizer and look forward to working together to develop a sustainable and low cost batteries compliance system. Valpak recognise the economies of scale that having a member such as Energizer will bring. Many businesses will be well down the road to understanding what their responsibilities are and are now making their choice of scheme and signing up ahead of the 15th October deadline. Our job has always been to meet new pieces of environmental legislation at lowest costs for our customers whilst maximising the environmental benefit and the addition of Energizer demonstrates confidence we will achieve this on batteries."

Under the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009, all battery producers who put more than one tonne of batteries per year onto the market will have to register with an approved compliance scheme. They will then have to provide quarterly information relating to the amounts and types of batteries that they sell. In addition, they will have to fund an amount of used battery collection and recycling based on the weight they sell.

Valpak is the UK's leading provider of environmental compliance with over 10 years experience running successful Packaging and WEEE compliance schemes. As part of its batteries scheme Valpak has a partnership arrangement with G&P Batteries, the UK's largest portable battery collector, the combined expertise is sure to deliver high quality compliance, collection and treatment services.

Alan Taylor, Energizer's Director of Customer Services commented:

"Energizer has worked with Valpak on both Packaging and WEEE compliance for many years and they have always provided competitive and reliable compliance so we're confident that the batteries scheme will be no different. When we began the process of choosing a batteries compliance scheme, our goals were to join a scheme that would support Energizer's aim to be an environmentally responsible company whilst also providing best value and we're happy that Valpak is the best scheme to deliver that."

Steve Gough added:

"We're pleased that the competitive nature of the UK system has been effective in bringing costs down and that Energizer has recognised Valpak's ability to perform in this area. We're now looking forward to working together to ensure the Regulations work effectively."

The deadline for producers to register with a scheme is 15 October 2009. If you think you may be affected as a producer, or are a retailer who would like to discuss Valpak's battery collection services then please call: 08450 682 572 or email