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Bishop of Lancaster at the Preston Valpak Recycling plant

by Valpak Limited | Oct 03, 2008
Valpak Recycling played host to the Bishop of Lancaster, the Right Reverend Geoffrey Pearson, at its North West site in Preston.

The Bishop, who was touring parts of the diocese meeting local businesses and organisations, was shown around the plant. The site handles aluminium and steel cans, plastic bottles, paper and cardboard from local authority recycling banks, local waste management companies and local businesses.

After the visit, the Bishop seemed genuinely taken aback by the sheer amount of material that he had seen being processed.

The Right Reverend Pearson commented: "It has been a very interesting day. I was surprised by the volume that is being recycled there but this, I suppose, is good news as it means it's no longer going to landfill, and therefore to waste. "I think we all have a responsibility to reduce the amount of waste we produce by reusing it or donating it, or recycling as much as we can with local authorities who offer such good services. I hope Valpak Recycling continue its work as a good local partner for those who wish to reduce their impact on the environment."

During his visit, the Bishop also heard how Valpak Recycling has become an active partner in the local community, sponsoring the local football club, assisting with a 'walk to school' week and helping to provide opportunities for the area's long term unemployed.

The general manager of Valpak Recycling North West, Richard Wildsmith said: "We have made a real effort to ensure we are a local business. We aim to provide local jobs; support local causes; provide an essential service for those who are recycling in the area; and ensure we are a good neighbour to local residents.

"We have invested in the site to ensure we operate more effectively and efficiently. As a result we have a safer, cleaner and smoother operation."

The Preston recycling site is operated by Valpak Limited, the leading provider of specialist services and recycling support to companies affected by legislation which requires them to contribute to the recycling and recovery of materials, such as packaging, waste electronics and electrical items.