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New developments for PAS 141 - Valpak Limited

Carys White
Sep 30, 2013

The PAS 141 certification scheme has been operating for over six months now, and since its launch in February of this year, we are pleased to announce that a second certification body, Really Green Credentials, has now been approved to audit re-use organisations. This means there are now two companies (including Oakdene Hollins) able to offer certification, bringing competition and choice to the market. There are three UK companies already certified to the PAS (Nilwaste, Wastecare and RDC), with a further five going through assessment.

See the latest news story here.

What is PAS 141?

PAS 141 is the UK’s first standard which sets out minimum requirements for the treatment process of WEEE/UEEE re-use, designed to be used by any company, of any size that prepares equipment for re-use, in the UK. This includes charity organisations.

The standard has been developed by industry, for industry and is designed to give consumers and sellers of second hand electricals the confidence that the products are safe to use and fit for purpose.

If you are a re-use organisation looking to become certified you can contact one of two certification bodies:

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