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Implementing your ESOS report – don’t miss out on the savings!

Elizabeth Minshall
Apr 26, 2016

For companies affected by the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS), 2015 may have been all about ensuring compliance. However, it is important that businesses use the data that they have collated as part of the ESOS reporting process to identify areas where business energy usage could be reduced and where savings can be made.

Useful data

We urge that you don’t file ESOS reports away until the next compliance deadline; instead why not use the information to develop a structured plan? Now is the time to start looking back at those 2015 reports and benefiting from any savings identified.

Prior to the necessity of ESOS reporting, energy usage data may not have been reviewed and analysed on a regular basis, which means that simple, low or no cost energy management measures were not being identified.

Valpak has helped a number of companies to comply with ESOS and, for all of them, we have identified practical examples of how they could reduce energy usage and save money. ESOS reports have provided our customers with valuable and insightful portfolios which outline business energy consumption.

Through the process, we discovered that many of our retailer customers could significantly reduce costs when heating and lighting their premises, as many of the sites belonging to the same retailers used a variety of technologies and controls across multiple sites.

What next...?

The next ESOS compliance date is in 2019; however, affected businesses can start taking actions to aid compliance now by implementing proactive monitoring and energy audit schedules.

Help is at hand

Putting energy management initiatives into practice can be daunting and we realise that it can often be difficult to create a business plan and then convince decision makers to dedicate resources to energy efficiency projects. However, help and advice is available.

DECC has produced a guide to implementing energy savings opportunities and Valpak are working with a number of consultants who have experience in identifying and implementing energy saving measures.

If you would like further information about our ESOS service or would like some advice on how to reduce your businesses energy consumption and costs please email us today at or call 03450 682 572.

Attend an event

We are running a series of events to help businesses to manage existing and emerging energy regulations, as well as providing advice on energy management and how to keep your electricity and gas costs down.

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