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Generate energy savings by unravelling your current contract

Elizabeth Minshall
Mar 08, 2016

If you are looking to save your company money and you think that your organisation’s current energy contract seems expensive, you may wish to carry out a review. However, this might be easier said than done if your business has multiple sites and suppliers, as well as complex pricing structures, which can make it difficult to identify and obtain the best energy deals.

So how can you make sure your contract is the best available?

I suggest that you start by reviewing the variety of items within your current energy contract, as you may come across a range of ‘hidden’ or estimated costs that you may be able to claim back through bill validation. Environmental taxes, such as the Renewables Obligation and the Climate Change Levy, on top of network and operating costs all contribute towards your final energy bill. And some of you might not be aware that you can negotiate these down.

Help is at hand

Valpak’s energy partner, Beond, can carry out a transparent review using unique energy procurement software. Beond can compare your current supplier’s tariff with the market’s best deals. By exposing hidden premiums, supplier margins, shape residuals and environmental taxes, the costs can be negotiated down to a minimum.

The review process includes a live online reverse auction process, in which energy suppliers compete with each other to win business. This intensely competitive environment forces suppliers to bid for business by offering their very best fixed and flexible contracts.

To take advantage of our energy procurement service please call us on 03450 682 572 or email

Alternatively, why not join us at our one of our energy events, which have been designed to help businesses manage existing and emerging energy regulations, and will provide advice on energy management and how to keep your electricity and gas costs down.


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