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Should you Outsource your Data Submission?

Josh Remi
Jul 30, 2015

So you know that you need to comply with the Packaging Regulations, the first two questions are often “what do we have to do?” shortly followed by “how do we do this efficiently?”

A solution to consider is to outsource the problem of data collection to someone with the experience and expertise, so that you can continue to focus on your core business.

Many find it complex to comply with the Packaging Regulations, as you have to collect significant amounts of data and translate it into a specific format for submission to the governing body. This can require good technical knowledge of the regulations and significant resource. Outsourcing the issue means you learn the detail, you are kept informed and you are on top of the problem rather than being lost in the task.

Outsourcing this work can take the pressure off as there is no need to have the detailed expertise in house, take up precious employee time or bear the cost of training the relevant people. This saves you time, money and pressure. As many as 80% of our customers surveyed found that the accuracy of their packaging reporting improved as a result of using our Data Management services.

Designing your own data management system for the regulations can take time and cost money. It may not necessarily fit to your own internal reporting systems and you may be required to build something bespoke to manage the task.  Valpak has worked over a number of years to design a system which can handle different sources for data depending on your systems to make accurate submissions on your behalf.

Make sure that important elements such as timescales, quality of service, reports and data access are all agreed in the contract, to avoid frustration and confusion later on. In addition confirm whether there are any additional support requirements, such as weights collection, supplier reporting, additional data to support CSR reports. Any providers you speak to should be happy to discuss these points with you in detail in order to provide the service you require, as well as reviewing progress when you have joined them.

If you are interested in outsourcing your data submission or want to know more about how to go about this just drop me a line on 01789 208 775.

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