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Time to get switched on to Energy Management

Liz Minshall
Apr 17, 2015

The 5 December 2015 compliance deadline may seem a long way off at the moment, but for those large companies who qualified for the new Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) on 31 December 2014, it’s a deadline that’s fast approaching.  If you’ve not already started managing your energy, now’s the prefect time, and not just to meet the requirements of ESOS.

Although getting your house in order and measuring and monitoring energy may seem like just another large data chasing compliance exercise, it should also be seen as an opportunity to make significant energy and monetary savings, generating real business benefits.     

ESOS is designed to encourage large organisations to manage their energy use and be used as a tool to identify cost effective ways to save significant amounts of energy and money. Before ESOS, simple low cost measures or areas of large savings, which need technical appraisal, were often overlooked. Now these areas of saving will be identified through the required ESOS audits.  ESOS also engages Directors through the sign off process, which should in turn raise the profile of energy management within organisations. 

Whether ESOS is still baffling you or you want to discuss ESOS and your energy compliance needs Valpak is running a series of free energy workshops to help you gain an understanding of how to comply with the scheme.  As part of Valpak’s ESOS team, I can help you gather the information required to monitor energy use and carry out the audits. You could always start with attending one of our Energy Compliance Support Sessions to get one-to-one advice.

The Carbon Trust analysis indicates that large businesses can cost effectively save around 15% of their energy expenditure through efficiency measures, with an average internal rate of return of 48% and payback within three years. So why wait any longer, find out more about our bespoke ESOS compliance service options, call us today on 08450 682 572 or email


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