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Doing our bit for the environment

Jun 19, 2013

Climate Week 2012 gave us the perfect opportunity to shout about our achievements with regard to our carbon and energy reduction.

As a company we always seek to gain accreditations and certifications from organisations that challenge our business to operate responsibly and ethically, while at the same time having the smallest possible impact on the environment.

Some of the accreditations and standards that we currently hold include:

  • ISO 14001 - an internationally accepted standard that sets out how companies can put in place effective environmental management systems
  • PAS 2060: 2010 - Specification of the Demonstration of Carbon Neutrality

Focus on Carbon

During 2011 we put together a carbon reduction plan which identified which of our business activities contributed the largest amount of emissions to our footprint.

We established that these were:

  • sub-contractor mileage (Valpak Recycling)
  • electricity use
  • business miles by road
  • Preston site waste

We then set reduction targets for each of these areas and encouraged and motivated our staff and suppliers to help us to meet these targets.

After making some initial calculations we believe that we met all of our 2011 objectives. And new 2012 objectives will be set based on the recommendations of a Carbon Footprint Management Plan, put together by our consultants.


Energy Reduction Savings of 7.85%

We set our 2011 energy reduction target at 2%, so you can imagine how delighted we were when we actually managed to make a 7.85% saving, when compared to 2010!

We achieved this by:

  • adjusting our heating timing controls to reduce daily hours of heating and air conditioning
  • introducing air conditioning ‘OFF’ days
  • reducing temperature settings at our Stratford Office in the autumn and early winter
  • increasing awareness and commitment of staff at the Stratford Office regarding electricity saving and, each member of staff making a specific personal commitment in their Personal Development Plans to reduce energy use
  • upgrading our server hardware technology which led to reduced energy use
  • commissioning an external energy audit which confirmed key areas to focus on


At the moment we’re going through the process of re-accreditation for Carbon Neutrality PAS 2060. In 2010, we offset our carbon emissions by purchasing gold standard credits, which were invested in small, sustainable hydropower stations in China.

To find out more about how we became Carbon Neutral visit our Carbon Offsetting web page.



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