Packaging Data Collection Templates

We have produced some easy-to-use data capture templates

These templates provide guidance and a checklist to help get you started with your data collection, including the types of data required, how to collect and source packaging weights and information about the levels of accuracy you must provide.

Before getting started please download and read this documentwhich will help your company understand the background information needed in order to collect the relevant data to comply with the Packaging Waste Regulations. It has been designed for use in conjunction with one of our data collection templates below.

Packaging Data Collection Template

Putting together your packaging submission and preparing for EPR simultaneously requires the collection of various data sets; including sales, purchase and in-depth packaging weights information. Use this template for your data collection to help simplify your calculations and begin to start building out potential EPR data requirements. To ensure you don’t miss a step, download our checklist and guidelines.

Supplier Template

Suppliers are a good source of packaging information. To simplify the data collection process, send your suppliers a copy of our template, which has been tried and tested on thousands of suppliers. We have also created a data request letter, which you can print on your own company letter headed paper.

Data Collection Template

Supplier Collection Template

For further help and advice, or to find out how Valpak can help support your data collection and submission process, please contact a member of our Data Insights Team on 01789 208 733 or email

"Using Valpak to outsource our packaging, WEEE and batteries submissions for the UK and Republic of Ireland is a cost effective relief for our business. It saves Vasanta Group considerable time and effort, as Valpak takes on the responsibility of the 23 submissions necessary for our compliance with the packaging, WEEE and batteries regulations in both countries. The appointment of a dedicated account manager provides us with a reliable contact for any queries and is available to aid us with Environment Agency audits."

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