Energy Procurement

Energy can be a significant cost for an organisation. We've partnered with an energy auction company to offer a free, no obligation energy procurement service aimed at saving you money on your energy bills.

How Valpak can help

Energy procurement can source and secure the lowest energy prices for your business’ energy requirements.

Activities in an energy procurement process typically involve the following steps:

  • A reverse auction of all UK suppliers
  • Three suppliers shortlisted from auction
  • Negotiations take place between shortlisted and suppliers and current supplier
  • You decide if you wish to use the chosen supplier
  • Registration process managed on your behalf

What are the benefits of Valpak's Energy Procurement Service?

The benefits you can gain from using our energy procurement process include:

  • Reduce your energy expenditure with innovative energy procurement services
  • Risk free process – there is no obligation to commit to a new contract
  • Full audit trail provided, including quotes received and price improvements
  • Free of charge – commission is taken from energy supplier, not from your bills
  • On-going assistance with any billing or metering issues
  • Price Watch Report, including analysis, movement and risks
  • Access to on site and telephone advice
  • Automatic termination to avoid contract roll over at high prices
  • Contracts suitable for both SMEs (Fixed Price Contracts) and Industrial and Corporate customers (Flexible Contracts)

How Valpak can help

Valpak has partnered with an energy auction company to provide an innovative energy procurement service for SMEs, Industrial and Corporate energy buyers. Using the team of energy trading experts and auctioneers we aim to save your business money on your energy bills. Some recent successes of Valpak’s partner company are shown in the table below.

Energy Procurement Table of Savings

To find out more about our energy brokerage services contact us today on 03450 682 572 or complete our enquiry form.