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The Green Dot is a widely recognised symbol in many European countries. It signifies that for each piece of packaging, a financial contribution has been paid to a national packaging recovery organisation.

The Green Dot is a mandatory trade mark in some countries which means that the first person to place packaging onto the market must pay a licence fee to use the Green Dot in that country and ensure that the Green Dot is printed on their packaging.

Who Needs a Green Dot Licence?

If you are a brand owner of goods sold in the UK which have the Green Dot® symbol displayed on the packaging you will be required to pay a UK licence fee.

It is not mandatory to display the Green Dot® on packaging in the UK because we use the Packaging Waste Recovery Note (PRN) system to help recover and recycle packaging waste. However, if you export to other European countries you may be required to display the Green Dot® on your packaging to demonstrate compliance.

Many organisations choose to purchase the Green Dot® licence in the UK so that they are not burdened with the time and costs of printing two different sets of packaging i.e. one set without the Green Dot® for the UK and another set with the Green Dot for goods being exported.

Download our guidance on the use of the Green Dot in Europe here.

How Much Does the UK Licence Cost?

The cost of the UK licence for non Valpak members in 2014 is £295 (excluding VAT). This fee is an annual fee and is subject to change each calendar year at Valpak's discretion. 

If your company is registered in the UK and a member of Valpak’s Packaging, WEEE or Batteries compliance schemes then you can use the Green Dot® symbol in the UK for free. All that we ask is that you tell us that you are using the Green Dot® symbol and the types packaging you are displaying the symbol on.

If you are a member of one of the following Packaging Compliance Schemes operating in the UK, we recommend that you check if your membership with this scheme covers the cost of your Green Dot® licence:

  • Nipak Limited
  • Synergy Compliance Ltd
  • Veolia Environmental Services (UK) Plc (Properpak Ltd. and Properpak (Scotland) Ltd.)
  • The Wastepak Group Ltd.
  • Comply Direct Ltd.
  • Complypak Ltd.

Important: the UK Green Dot® licence does not cover usage of the Green Dot® in other countries. If you display the Green Dot® on packaging exported to other countries you may need to pay a licence fee in each country.

To apply for a licence or find out more about the Green Dot® in the UK and other countries contact us today on 08450 682 572 or complete our enquiry form.