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The Carbon Reduction Commitment – Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) was introduced in 2010 and is the first piece of compulsory UK legislation to address energy use amongst medium to large non-energy intensive organisations. It aims to reduce CO2 emissions from these types of organisations by at least 4 million tonnes by 2020.

Who is Affected?

Carbon Reduction Commitment
Phase 2 occurs between 2014-2019 and affects organisations if they:
True had one or more half hourly electricity meters in the UK between 1 April 2012 - 31 March 2013
True have used at least 6,000MWh of electricity (including parent companies and subsidiaries) through half-hourly meters between 1 April 2012 - 31 March 2013
Companies affected by Phase 2 should have registered with the CRC Registry by 31 January 2014.

Important note: Companies affected under Phase 1 that are also affected under Phase 2 must register again. Registration is not automatically rolled over.

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What Do You Need to Do?

If you meet the qualification criteria then you should have registered with the CRC registry by the 31 January 2014.

Obligated companies will also need to:

  • Prepare and submit an annual report
  • Order carbon allowances to offset level of CO2 emissions
  • Create and maintain a detailed evidence pack
  • Purchase and surrender carbon allowances to offset their level of emissions 

Organisations that fail to register could be prosecuted. Fines for full participants start at £5,000 and increase depending on the severity of the offence.

Companies who were obligated for Phase 1 should have submitted their annual report by the 31 July 2014 and purchased the correct amount of allowances by the 19 September.

Please note that allowances cannot be used outside the phase they were purchased in; therefore, any allowances purchased in Phase 1 need to be used by the end of this compliance year.

How Can We Help?

We can take away the administrative burden of the CRC and ensure that all of your necessary registration and data requirements are met.  Some of the ways in which we can help include:

  • Assess whether you will need to register for Phase 2.
    If you should have registered with the CRC Registry for Phase 2 but have not done so we can offer assistance
  • Full compliance service including:
    • Preparation of footprint reports
    • Create and maintain your evidence pack
    • Purchase carbon allowances
    • Attend Environment Agency audits
    • Audit service to ensure the data you have collated is accurate and give you peace of mind
  • Audit service to ensure the data you have collated is accurate and give you peace of mind


Prices start from £995.

To find out more about our CRC compliance service call us today on 03450 682 572 or complete our enquiry form.