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The UK Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations were introduced in May 2009 with the aim of reducing the amount of used batteries ending up in landfill.

The regulations require battery producers to finance the collection, treatment and recycling of this fast growing and problematic waste stream.

Who is Affected?

Batteries - Who Is Affected
You will be affected if...
True You manufacture batteries
True You import batteries or products containing batteries
True You sell more than 32kg batteries to end users per year (excludes batteries sold within equipment)
If you are still unsure as to whether or not your business is obligated under the Waste Batteries Regulations please call one of our technical advisors on 03450 682 572

What Do You Need to Do?


Producers that place more than 1 tonne of portable batteries onto the UK market must:

  • Register with a compliance scheme
  • Complete data submissions detailing the amount of batteries you have placed onto the UK market
  • Pay a share towards the costs of battery recycling

Producers that place 1 tonne or less of portable batteries onto the UK market must:

  • Register directly with the Environment Agency
  • Complete an annual data submission detailing the amount of batteries you have placed onto the UK market


Distributors must:

  • Offer in-store collection for portable batteries
  • Publicise at point of sale that a battery recycling point is available in-store

How Can We Help?

As an approved battery compliance scheme we will register you with the relevant environment agency and check and submit your data to ensure compliance. If you are a large producer we also take on the legal responsibility for your compliance with the Waste Batteries Regulations.

To meet this obligation we arrange the collection, treatment and recycling of waste batteries.

As part of your membership you will also get:

  • Access to fully trained experts who can be contacted for help and advice
  • Unique online data submission system offering interactive guidance
  • Free training workshops
  • Free compliance reviews
  • Free battery collection box
  • Free battery collections
  • Industry news e-bulletins
  • Access to a dedicated Members' Area of the website
  • Free use of the Green Dot symbol
  • A certificate of registration
  • Lobbying at Government level

We can give you guidance on the options available to you for in-store collection of batteries and can also provide the appropriate container, depending on your businesses requirements.

With over 22,000 collection points and excellent customer satisfaction rates you can be assured of a
reliable and efficient collection service.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are three sets of fees that you will need to pay in order to become compliant with the regulations:

  1. Agency fees – everyone has to pay a set environment agency registration fee each year
  2. Annual membership fee – this covers our administration costs of checking and verifying your data
  3. Evidence fee – this is the cost of procuring battery recycling evidence notes needed to meet your obligation

Please click here to download our costs.

If you would like more details about how we can help please contact one of our dedicated technical advisors on 03450 682 572 or complete our online enquiry form.