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“Robot Wars Live” Proves to be a Smashing Success for Promoting WEEE Recycling and Reuse Facilities in Cheshire

by Valpak | Feb 11, 2016
After ten years away from our television screens, the BBC has announced the return of their popular series, “Robot Wars”. To coincide with this recent news, leading environmental compliance scheme, Valpak, alongside West Cheshire and Chester Council, decided to bring a “Robot Wars Live” event to the town of Northwich, with the aim to promote the importance of recycling, reuse and repair of old electrical and electronic goods to local residents – “WEEE Love Robots”.

The one day event consisted of an exhibition of community and environmental initiatives and four shows where people could choose to watch heavyweight, lightweight and specially designed fighting robots pitch battle against one another in a series of exciting bouts. The crowd joined in by cheering on their favourite robots and voting for any winner left standing at the end of each battle.

The event also tied in with the upgrade of West Cheshire and Chester Council‘s waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling, reuse and repair facilities. The Council has recently installed new signage to help guide residents and promoted their sites through local radio campaigns and competitions. The Dee radio team was very supportive, carrying out a number of interviews with reuse and repair centres, such as Cheshire Reuse Forum and Changing Lives Cheshire. These are two of the organisations that work closely with the Council and Valpak to provide electrical and electronic equipment repair and donation services, delivering great value goods to local residents at affordable prices.

The radio interviews helped to place the campaign and the “WEEE Love Robots” event in context with the work the Council has been doing on waste and recycling. They also gave Valpak the opportunity to explain how their WEEE compliance scheme customers, in order to meet their legal responsibilities, contribute financially towards material collection, treatment and recycling, which ensures that as much waste electrical and electronic equipment as possible can be reused and recycled.

Duncan Simpson, Valpak’s Director of Marketing, said:

“Most visitors to the “WEEE Love Robots” event will have stopped off at a stand to learn about the importance of reuse and recycling, alongside many other good causes. I understand that nearly 800 people visited today and I am sure they will tell their friends and families about the event and the purpose of the day”.

He added:

“It has been a fantastic event and we are delighted that so many individuals and families showed up on what was a snowy, wet Sunday. It has been a great climax to a series of pieces of work that have helped to increase the amount of material that has been collected for reuse and recycling across the County. I am really pleased to report that 10% of that material will be made available to reuse schemes.”

Liz Ellis, West Cheshire Council Recycling and Awareness Officer, said:

“We have put a lot of work and effort into this campaign and today’s event is a highpoint of our activity. Everyone who came today has had the opportunity to find out more about the local recycling facilities that are available to them for unwanted electrical and electronic items and to learn how they can do their bit to help. They will hopefully understand how beneficial recycling these items is to the local area and community, and I am sure that they will have had an entertaining and fun day.”

For further information about West Cheshire and Chester Council‘s waste electrical and electronic recycling campaign please visit: or contact Liz Ellis, Recycling Awareness Officer, on 0300 123 7026.