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Chuck out the chintz and recycle-more at Cardiff Ikea!

by Valpak Limited | Oct 18, 2007
September saw the exciting arrival of a new rescapeTM recycling bank at Cardiff Ikea. Lucy Parry, the Council's Sustainable Planning Projects Officer, oversaw installation of the 'Urban' banks and witnessed the first happy customers using them.

With ever-increasing recycling targets and landfill taxes, Local Authorities are being tasked with coaxing even more material from the householder for recycling. A tall order for any recycling officer, when coupled with the requirement of finding suitable sites for installation, this can mean some projects never get off the ground.

The historic image of bring recycling is one of mess, vandalism and noise. It's no wonder the householder, and often the retailer, would prefer the facility to be tucked away at the back of their local supermarket car park. rescapeTM makes hiding recycling a thing of the past as the smart rescapeTM units securely contain all material collected. Units can be coated in anti graffiti lacquer, and with the addition of optional extras such as sound deadening liners, information panels and even solar lighting, recycling becomes a pleasure. These units make it easy for local residents to help the environment in a clean and safe way.

The new banks at Ikea provide collection for five material streams, with the Ikea store managing the storage of cardboard. Ms Parry explained that 'we wanted to offer the public a facility which was attractive and could communicate important messages about recycling to encourage higher participation rates, and the rescapeTM banks will hopefully provide this. We also needed something that could be easily serviced with our existing fleet of vehicles.'

First signs are encouraging, with the store manager, the public and the council all offering positive responses. Alex Gisborne, Cardiff Ikea's Environmental Specialist, pointed out that 'rescapeTM has eradicated fly tipping from our car parks creating a cleaner environment for our customers'.

rescapeTM can now be found in various locations across the UK, including Westminster, the Isle of Wight, Sheffield, Canterbury, Denbighshire and Glasgow. In every area rescapeTM is helping householders, recycling and planning officers satisfy their recycling needs.

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